In today's market the benefits of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) are fairly well understood; Getting there on the other hand is often much more complex and costly than expected, as the barrier to entry for a successful SOA engagement is very high.

Cost of entry

To avoid the risk running blind, a typical SOA infrastructure that needs to be in place before a single line of business code is written spans everything from service management, builds and deployments to enterprise logging, metrics and diagnostics.


Seamless Integration

SOAcollective integrates seamlessly into your .Net-based SOA infrastructure, effectively eliminating this barrier to entry and allowing your team to hit the ground running.


Automatic endowment

All SOAC-enabled services are automatically endowed with the ability to participate in enterprise-wide discovery, metrics, diagnostics, monitoring and more - without changing a line of code!


SOAcollective addresses these issues by providing an SOA Platform out of the Box for the Microsoft .Net stack. SOAC-enabling your SOA environment lays a foundation that allows you to hit the ground running with new and existing SOA projects, while empowering you to manage and scale your SOA infrastructure in a common way across the enterprise.

Take a look at how easily SOAcollective brings your SOA infrastructure to life!


Crushes the barrier-to-entry for SOA!

Integrates seamlessly with your IIS/AppFabric or Self-Host SOA infrastructure.

Call services anywhere in your enterprise with zero WCF configuration!

THE foundation for building SOA projects in any vertical.

Know what is happening inside your SOA infrastructure or cloud!